The Travelers: Sarah

How old are you?
A young 35.
Where did you grow up?
On the north east side of St. Paul, MN, in a suburb called Maplewood.
What's your favorite color?
If you were a tree, what type would you be?
I am not sure I would be a tree, but my favorite one is the Travelers Palm.
What do you expect to get out of this journey?
Weird looks from my other friends.
How many pairs of underwear will you be packing?
What snack items will you be bringing on the trip?
Low-carb diet bars in peanut butter flavor, sliced ham and cheese, peanuts, walnuts, Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffles, Coke Zero, and Eclipse Polar Ice gum.
Who will be the worst driver?
We will all drive pretty well, but if there is a lot of conversation going on, or people are bugging the driver about the directions, well... I wonder if Berty will bring his ear muffs along on the trip?
Who will be the first to snap?
Why are you doing this?
I have no will power.

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