The Story of "The Nub"

The origin of the term "The Nub" is redundantly shrouded in a veiled cloak of mystery. Below is the account according to Berty.

Where The Nub Got Its Name

It all started during a typical conversation at the lunch table.

And when we say "typical" we actually mean chaotic; a melody of topics that quickly becomes discordant. Nothing is off limits and madness abounds.

Subjects range from the DC metro to the rat on the flagpole - last night's reality TV to movies from decades ago. Someone talks about politics, someone else brings up flatulence. The subjects are varied yet they somehow relate to one another.

The term "The Nub" was created by the verbal exchange that takes place every day at the lunch table in the corner of the break room. The table that sane people avoid.

It probably happened somewhat like this:

Berty: "Speaking of IQ tests... when I took one years ago, I was asked what the first country due south of Detroit was. Anyone know?"

Joe: "America?"

Benjamin: "No, it's Canada, right?

Jason: "Yeah, the city of Windsor in Ontario, Canada."

Berty: "Yeah, and does anyone know the state that is the most north by latitude?"

Joe: "What?"


Berty: "The most northern state. The state in the United States who's most northern part has the highest latitude?"

Benjamin: "Well, Alaska."

Berty: "Well, in the contiguous United States... or is it conterminous? In the mainland United States... You know, not including Alaska and Hawaii?"

Jason: "The freak states."

Benjamin: "Is it Maine?"

Joe: "No."

Sarah: "It's Minnesota! You know... because Minnesota has this thing on the top."

Everyone: "Huh?"


Sarah: "This little dealio... a part that sticks up. You actually can only get there by boat or by going through Canada."

Joe: "Cool."

Benjamin: "What's that called?"

Joe: "Minnesota."

Benjamin: "No, I know Minnesota... what's the part that sticks up called?"

Berty: "A peninsula?"

Jason: "No. That's not it."

Sarah: "Well... it's like... a nub."


Joe: "So how do you get to The Nub again?"

And so the allure of The Nub was born. Years passed and the lunch table talked about many different things, but continued to come back to The Nub.

Once someone brought up the idea to drive to Oshkosh, WI, for the EAA Airventure and then continue on to The Nub, since we were in the neighborhood.

We're not really sure how it happened, but we suddenly got serious about driving to The Nub. Benjamin, during a short stretch of boredom, looked into renting an RV. After finding out it wasn't that expensive he continued to push for us to do this.

And we all eventually agreed (though Sarah is still kind of wishy-washy about it and secretly wants to back out of it).

On a serious note…the Nub is actually called the Northwest Angle and is a beautiful part of Minnesota. We, of course, don't mean to insult anyone by referring to it as the Nub.

Well, maybe Benjamin wants to insult someone...


Rebuttal from Benjamin: There is absolutely no way that I would have responded with "Is it Maine?" I've asked that question so many times before in my life that it isn't even a good question anymore.

Response from Berty: Actually, now that I think about it... Didn't Benjamin ask the question about the most northern state? And Joe said, "Maine." And Sarah said, "Jason, please get me a fork and a Diet Coke."

Response from Sarah: Jason would have already been up then, because with all the people at the table he would not have been able to get out of his seat. I must have asked Joe.

Response from Berty: Did you say "please?"

Response from Sarah: No, just "thank you."