About the Nub

The Nub is the Northwest Angle, a small part of northern Minnesota that is the northernmost part of the 48 contiguous states. Apart from Alaska, it is the only part of the United States that is north of the 49th parallel.

Review The Story to learn how the Northwest Angle earned the nickname "The Nub." Please note that this nickname has been given with the utmost respect and reverence.

The Nub is east of Manitoba, Canada, and is not connected to the rest of the Minnesota. It can only be reached from the rest of the United States by traveling through Canada or crossing "Lake of the Woods," the largest fresh water lake in North America after the Great Lakes.

For more information on The Nub and the pilgrimage taken by The Travelers, please review the following web sites.

Route to the Nub Courtesy of Mapquest
The Travelers urge readers to stop disparaging the quality of Mapquest directions. Certainly their directions are occasionally far from perfect — note the large, unnecessary deviation towards North Dakota — but the mere fact that a web site can provide even marginal directions from any address to any address borders on the miraculous.

Jake's Northwest Angle
The Nub Travelers's home away from home.
The Northwest Angle & Islands Chamber of Commerce
This web site provides information for travelers about resorts, attractions and local services. It includes many pictures of men proudly brandishing large dead fish.
Angle Inlet School: Minnesota's Last One-Room School
This school fully supports the President's No Child Left Behind program by keeping all the students together, "where we can keep an eye on all the little buggers." This site includes a lovely poem about the seasons on Lake of the Woods.
Marking the Northwest Angle
This article by Roger Grimsley, Geomatics Manager of Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc., provides a thorough explanation of how The Nub became The Nub. His frequent use of exclamation marks in the article's introduction demonstrates the typical passion displayed by most geomaticians.
The Northernmost U.S. Post Office in the Contiguous United States
The map provided by the US Postal Service does little to belie the perception that The Nub is a remote destination.
Cruise America
Official transportation provider of the Nub Travelers. While the Cruise America does not yet contain travel information about The Nub, the Nub Travelers assume this oversight will be corrected in short order.

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