September 21, 2005, 14:40 Eastern
Posted by Jason

The adventure begins.

This afternoon we all met at the Arlington Cruise America office to pick up the RV for the trip to The Nub. Berty, Benjamin, Joe and Sarah hopped across the river on their lunch break. I rode the Metro in from home. After a quick tour of the outside of the vehicle, including a 10-second lesson on the sewer system, we went inside. The group’s consensus: "It looks small." After completing the paperwork, it was time for the rest of the group to go back to work, and time for me to drive the RV back to my house to load up the gear.

Despite Berty’s predictions of doom, I managed to drive through Arlington, down 395 and through the mixing bowl without incident, even though the rattling burner covers on the cooktop were driving me batty.

I have now loaded all our stuff inside the RV. After the initial thought that it was not all going to fit, I was able to cram everything onboard. Sarah will no doubt rearrange everything to her liking later. For now, many of our bags are in the shower stall (which won't be used anyway, thanks to a shower/lunch stop at Sarah's Mom's house). For the record: Joe brought an unhealthy amount of beefy jerky and pudding packs.

Pretty soon the trip will begin in earnest. I'll drive into Washington DC to pick up everyone from the office. Hopefully we’ll escape the city before rush hour.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to post updates from the road, so this post may be my last words. (How’s that for ominous?)

Thanks to our family and friends — and our generous sponsors — for making this trip possible.

Until next time, a toast: To The Nub!